10 Online Finance and Accounting Resources You Should Be Following

The internet holds a great deal of information, but sorting through it can be difficult, especially when you’re looking for specific answers in a broad field. Accounting, with all of its minutiae and changing trends, can prove tricky in this regard.

Lucky for us, organising information happens to be an accounting skill—so there are some truly illuminating websites on bookkeeping, finance, and taxes. Better yet, many of them are free. What follows is a list of some of the best online resources for keeping up with accounting, especially for small and medium enterprises (SMEs).

1) Accountex Report

Accountex Report is an all-around source for high-quality accounting information. It covers topics relevant to accounting firms and professionals, as well as articles geared toward SME owners. It also provides information on software, especially major platforms like QuickBooks and Xero.

The site’s content is sorted into categories, so it’s easy to find what you need without wading through content directed at other audiences.

2) The Accounting Onion

This blog covers everything accounting, from current events to practical professional advice. Written by Tom Selling, a CPA and experienced professor, the blog handles all its material—including topics often passed over by mainstream sources—with the deftness and wit of a seasoned educator.   

3)  Accounting Coach Writer

This site takes a different approach, offering short courses instead of simply articles. Each subject—and there are several—contains informative content, quizzes and reviewers, and extensive Q&As. You can upgrade to PRO membership for access to more content.

4) Between Wall and Main

BWAM, as it’s called by its regulars, seeks to take the strategies and wisdom of Wall Street and apply it to the challenges of SMEs. In addition to great articles on accounting, bookkeeping, and technology for each, it has an active Facebook community where you can go for further advice from business-owning peers.

5) Freaking Accountant

This blog features a wide variety of topics: career advice, commentary on the industry and practice of accounting, and analyses of relevant current events. Its author, Mark Holtzman, PhD, started in the “Big-4” and made his way to Seton Hall University—so he knows accounting from the classroom to the cubicle.

6) Intuitive Accountant

This blog focuses on content for service providers, but this makes it a worthwhile source for anyone looking for the best in current accounting practices. It’s also a great source for updates and analyses of accounting software.

7) 5minutebookkeeping.com

As the name suggests, this blog’s strong suit is content that you can go through quickly and still get a kick out of. It has a variety of online courses for general bookkeeping topics, as well as an extensive catalogue of tutorials for QuickBooks Online.

8) Cloud Accounting Blog

An accounting blog for the digital age, this site focuses on all things cloud accounting: software and services, using automation efficiently, and doing accounting work remotely. In addition to articles, they also have a podcast.

9) Proformative – Forum

If you can’t find the answer you’re looking for, why not pose the question to the world? The community at Proformative is a well-established forum for accounting and finance professionals. Discussions on strategy, technical matters, and day-to-day questions in the field are active and well-moderated.

10)  Reddit – r/accounting

You’ll also find a lot of collective, down-to-earth wisdom in the accounting subforums of the “front page of the internet.” r/accounting isn’t just about doing accounting, though; it’s about being an accountant—and you’ll find a lot of advice for common issues, as well as peers willing to lend an ear or share a story.

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