Key Roles and Responsibilities of a Chief Financial Officer

In any business alike, a chief financial officer has a predominant role. The responsibilities of a chief financial officer, also known as a CFO, are not petty ones as his or her decision brings about a tremendous impact on the company. Here, we will present extensive details of a finance officer’s responsibilities.


What are the Different Types of Accounting?

Accounting services are always going to be something that small (and even medium to large) business owners need to consider. When you reach a certain level of success, you’ll need other individuals to help handle the financial tracking of your endeavours.


Accounting 101: Steps of the Accounting Cycle Explained

For any organization to succeed, it will need proper documentation from the beginning of its operations. Whether you outsource this service or have an in-house accountant, a good accounting cycle gives you a clear understanding of crucial financial matters.


How Long Must a Company Keep Its Business Records?

Learning how long to keep business records will allow you to perform you work duties without any worry. Understanding how to keep business tax records will not only improve upon your tax returns, but it will help you build a stable financial environment for your business to base itself upon.


What is Bookkeeping and What Does a Bookkeeper Do?

When most people come across the word bookkeeping, they won’t be able to provide any concrete answer as to what it is. So, what is bookkeeping?


Treasurer Vs Controller: What’s the Difference?

The primary distinction when pairing treasurer vs. controller is in the role itself. Financial controllers head the accounting department, in a way, since they supervise the accountants and manage the books of the company. They make sure that the financial reports are done properly and are timely for the management’s review.


How to Decide If Outsourcing as a Business Strategy Works

Every business is different in respect to its business strategy and goals. We, as an outsourced accounting company, can see what outsourcing can do to support a business, but we can also realize there are some situations where an outsourced business model is not a good choice. Outsourcing is not a one-size-fits-all solution.


Why Financial Accounting and Management Accounting are Essential for Business 

General accounting helps deliver essential information so business professionals can make wise economic decisions.  In a business, the two types of reports prepared are management and financial, which are both essential in their own way. But for those who don’t know much about the specifics of accounting, what’s the difference?


5 Things You Should Know about Managing an Offshore Team

You’ve decided that outsourcing your accounting was in the company’s best interest and have built an offshore team. But what happens now?


Understanding the IFRS Rules for Revenue Recognition

Although its actual implementation has been delayed to 2018, buying us all another year to study it in full, the new IFRS 15 revenue standard is something you should be making yourself aware of sooner rather than later.