Quiz: What’s the next step you should take to improve cash flow for your business?

Cash flow is the lifeblood of a business. When managed well, it makes a business agile and healthy and can react easily to opportunities and obstacles. But when cash flow is poor, a business is constrained.

A lot of businesses focus on profits without realizing the impact that cash flow has. Want to know how you can optimize cash flow to improve your business?

Take this quiz to assess your mastery of cash flow principles and techniques. And from there, we’ll let you know what steps you should take to improve your business.

1. Which should you put the most focus on in order for a business to grow?

2. How can a business make a profit and still have a negative cash flow?

3. The higher the days accounts receivable outstanding of a business, the ________ the cash flow?

4. Which aspect of business does not affect cash flow?

5. What is the principal problem management solves to improve a business’ cash flow?

6. Which aspects of billing are significant to a business cash flow?

7. When it comes to prioritizing collections, you should...

8. Should businesses accept credit cards as a payment method for clients?

9. It’s best to pay your bills…

10. What should you focus on improving to generate a healthier cash flow?

Done reviewing your answers? Fill out the form below to find out what you should do next to improve your business through better cash flow management.


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