What Characteristics Make a Good Accountant?


Accounting and bookkeeping are pivotal processes in any organization. They measure and check the financial status of the organization that provides invaluable data for business decisions. As a result, this field demands topnotch accuracy and excellent organization skills among other things. Knowing what skills and qualities of an accountant are necessary can help you become one and succeed in the field.

What Characteristics Make a Good Accountant?

An accountant requires a wide variety of skills and characteristics in order to succeed. It is not just about job qualifications but also the soft skills. Here are some of the top accountant qualities.

1. A Strong Sense of Ethics

Accountants must be ethical. Their honesty must go beyond their professional lives and be on a personal level. A morally strong person will always display integrity in his or her work. Ethics and integrity are valued characteristics in an accountant. These characteristics are sure to be displayed in their accounting and bookkeeping activities.

2. Constantly Learning

While accountants need to have a strong grasp of the basics, they must also display interest in keeping up-to-date. The field of accounting keeps changing each year with the introduction of new principles, laws and taxes. Accountants must ensure that they have a thorough idea of the latest news and developments in their fields. Technology is playing a greater role in accounting and accountants must be cognizant of technological changes. An accountant who does not keep learning something is not going to be an asset to any organization.

3. Emphasizing Accuracy

It is essential for accounts to be accurate in their work. Misplacement of digits or even a comma might result in huge financial risks for their organization. As such, they must focus on the details and place a lot of emphasis on the accuracy of the work. Accountants must have developed the skill of double checking their work to the point where it is second nature to them.

4. Organizational Skills

Accountants need to deal with a lot of paperwork, numbers and data on a daily basis. To remain on top of all these details, they must exhibit excellent organization skills. They need to work on developing an efficient organization system to ensure efficient access to the right information.

5. Sense of Accountability

This is one of the good qualities of an accountant. They must be responsible enough to accept the result and fallout of their work. Blaming others for mistakes is a poor reaction apart from being unprofessional. Accountants must own up to their mistakes and ensure that they are not repeated. Mistakes can happen to even the most diligent person. Accountants should, however, be taking steps to prevent inaccuracies.

6. Ability to Work in a Team

Accounting and bookkeeping requires a team effort. An accountant must be able to work with a team in delivering the work required. They must be comfortable meeting with clients directly and coordinating with the rest of the team for tasks. Meetings with the team, decision makers and stakeholders are an indispensable part for the accounts department. Accountants must know how to work together to reach the goals irrespective of the personalities of the rest of the team.

7. Knowledge of the Field

Accountants are necessary in a diverse array of fields and industries. While the basic tasks remain the same, additional requirements and functions might be expected of the accountant in specific fields. As such, the accountant must have a thorough grasp of the industry and niche of the client’s business. Understanding the requirements, goals and the way the business is being run is vital to determining the right way to proceed with the accounting.

8. Trustworthiness and Reliability

One of the most important qualities of a good accountant, trustworthiness is a valued asset in this field. Accountants deal with the financial health and condition of an organization, a confidential topic. Knowledge of the finances is meant to be a closely-guarded secret. This requires the accountant to have the integrity and be reliable in ensuring the security of confidential data.

9. Creativity

Often overlooked, creativity is one of the valued personal qualities of an accountant. These days, accountants need to be creative when crunching numbers. They must be capable of developing fresh ideas and strategies to solve complex and unique issues.

So, what makes a good accountant? There are several qualities that an accountant must possess but the most important ones have been discussed above.

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