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Gain control of your business by scaling your existing operations.

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What If We Could

Lower Your Costs

Improve Your Business

Reduce Your Stress

This is exactly what we offer with our exclusive SEATS program

NuVest offers a way to optimize your operations, so you don’t lose management of your team as a whole. Hiring a fully qualified, experienced accounting professional isn’t always possible. But with NuVest, this becomes a reality.

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How Our SEATS Program Works

Let’s say your company is at the point of a big expansion. Hiring an extra 20 people to add to your growing team is a lot of work. By the time you post an employment opportunity, search through all the applications, interview candidates and make a decision, you will have wasted valuable time that could have gone towards growing the business. Even then, you may not even find the people you want and you might have to start the entire process over again.

With our SEATS program, simply let us know how many spaces you have available and we provide you with the qualified professionals to fill them. With our offshore costing systems, you get the quality and service you want.

SEATS Program Benefits – Financial Advisory Services

Optimize operations

By optimizing your operations, your business will boost its efficiency, produce high-quality results and increase its profit.

Reduce costs

By reducing your overall staffing costs, the result will ultimately show through a growing bottom line.

24/7 service

Without the normal 9-to-5 limitations of in-house staff, your accounting tasks can be completed effectively, around the clock.

Clients and Teammates;Friends

Our approach at NuVest Management Services is to bring the same competitive advantages enjoyed by large organizations to the small and medium-sized market. We aim to optimize your operations, reduce your costs, and increase the efficiency of your accounting by offering 24/7 service.

At NuVest Management Services, we see our clients as friends and teammates since we are simply an extension of their teams. We work to provide our clients peace of mind when it comes to their accounting and finance needs.