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4 Signs of a Good Accounting Consultancy Services Provider for Your SME

Selecting an accounting consultancy services provider is far from a simple decision.   Aside from the fact that the provider of your choice will be handling your business’s most important financial documents and records, you’re also looking at the possibility of working with that individual or company for the long term.


Accounting Outsourcing Tip: Prepare Your SME for the Fiscal Year’s End Now

Owning and operating a business entails a long list of responsibilities and requirements that, when neglected or forgotten, can cause you a ton of headaches in the long run. These include looking for suppliers, handling customer inquiries, or making sure that your full cycle accounting is up to date. Chief among these obligations, though, is preparing for the end of

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5 Things to Consider When Preparing the Annual Budget for Your Company

5 Things to Consider When Preparing the Annual Budget for Your Company As a business owner or financial manager, it is imperative to understand how to prepare an annual budget for a company. Small and medium-sized companies often overlook budgeting optimization, but having a comprehensive budget will help you make important business decisions. If you are considering structuring a budget,
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What is Bookkeeping and What Does a Bookkeeper Do?

While essential to a company’s financial health, bookkeeping can be a responsibility shrouded in mystery. Having an understanding of this important function and how it can help your accounting department can empower you to be a better business owner.


Treasurer Vs Controller: What’s the Difference?

Treasurers and controllers both serve important financial functions within a company, but their responsibilities are quite different. Financial controllers head the accounting department, in a way, since they supervise the accountants and manage the books of the company. They make sure that the financial reports are done in a timely and proper manner for the management’s review.